In this project, I am using four sports: hockey, diving, archery, and weightlifting to represent the sports and using China and Italy to represent host countries. As you can see, the choice of colour, frame shape, stroke texture, etc is specifically selected to match the cultural elements. There is also a guideline book helping designers understand the system better.
These tickets will not just be a piece of paper for entering the field, they will also become memorabilia that people will cherish long after the games come to an end. The t-shirts are fun and engaging as I want whoever purchases them to be proud of their host country and remember the game in a unique way.​​​​​​​
Research and GRaphs:
Before the design process begins, I have done some research and case studies. These visual outcomes focus on researching and analyzing the evolution of the pictograms used from 1964 (Tokyo) until 2016 (Rio).

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